Good people make for a good business

Since 1894, our employees have always been the fundamental building block in forging the path towards a successful future. The LEHVOSS Group has consciously organised itself as a stable company oriented toward the long-term future. The goal is to create an atmosphere where employer and employee can share common goals.

"When we give our word, we keep it."

This is our guiding principle, providing our employees and partners with an anchor of stability. Our employees go to work each day with the confidence that their company is prosperous and stable, capable of thinking beyond short-term results.

Nurturing of individuals as the key to corporate success

LEHVOSS UK offers generous working conditions and responsibilities. It recognises that satisfied workers perform better and give workers a sense of ownership in their responsibilities and actions. We view each individual worker as a person and provide them with opportunities for personal development. These high expectations allow each employee to be deployed based on their skills and competencies and then given the chance to grow as individuals based on a differentiated set of programs and methods.

Our success is based on the idea that our employees will think and act in the company's best interests, and so our salary policies are oriented toward incentives and remuneration for special contributions.

Widespread tolerance and openness for all cultures

As a company with a strong international orientation, we expect our employees to show an unwavering openness to other cultures. We consider our successful partnerships with our international subsidiaries and partners as a decisive factor in our success.

Targeted promotion of personal development

We support our employees through a variety of personal development opportunities and advanced training measures. We offer them flexibility and encouragement to grow their skills and then to apply those newfound talents. This applies to all employees, regardless of whether they're trainees or mid-career.

After all, their ideas and opinions are what drive us forward. We have an 'open door' policy, and every employee is encouraged to bring all of his or her talents to bear. Unusual performance that results from extraordinary commitment is encouraged and esteemed.

Our company is considered one of Germany's top employers in the SME category

Our mother Company Lehmann&Voss&Co. is considered one of Germany's top employers in the SME category. They received the "Top Job" award in 2003, 2004 and 2005 and in 2008 were honored as a "Great Place to Work." More recently in 2012 they earned the distinction of "authentic employer."

What does this all mean?

We view each of our employees as an independent person. Our generous working conditions and responsibilities reflect this. We offer the space necessary for individual development and promote independent, goal-oriented behavior.

We put our employees to work based on their skills and competencies and give them the chance to grow as individuals based on an differentiated set of programs and methods. A special development program tailored to the company's needs ensures transparency and clarity. Our workplace is flexible and family friendly, to support our workers whatever their family situation.

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