Chemical & Life Science Division

Excellence in application chemicals

We provide excellence in application chemicals across many industries. With over 80 years expertise in global sourcing, and drawing on special manufacturer relationships, we have a wealth of capability.

The sectors we cover: Chemical and Life Science

The Chemical sector supplies materials into industries such as Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical, Coatings, Imaging, Polymers and Cosmetics. We have expertise in Organic Intermediates, Synthetic Reagents and Application Chemicals. The Life Science sector provides materials into leading organisations in fields such as Microbiology, Cell Biology and Electrophoresis, some of whom have awarded us special supplier status. Product areas include Nutrient Additives, Antibiotics, Diagnostic Reagents and Dyes & Stains for Biological applications. 

Our Quality Systems

Operating as an ISO 9001:2008 company, and with our own stocks of key materials, our warehouse employs chemical experts, trained to handle and ship all categories of compounds. We also have facilities for re-packing our materials under controlled conditions.

Our Services

Application Chemicals and Life Science Products

Products fit for purpose: a simple statement but one which requires considerable sourcing understanding and care.

Many materials used in production or application processes require careful specification controls and we work closely with our customer’s to ensure that we understand their requirements.

Chemicals manufactured in the global arena vary enormously and knowing whether a cheaper source is genuinely the result of a low cost base, or because it doesn’t meet difficult aspects of a specification, is just one of the careful checks we apply.

From specialist materials used in critical diagnostics tests, to pharmaceutical materials needing accurate impurity profiles and traceability we apply the same professional approach to making sure we offer what you need.

Work with us, and you will be sure that you find the materials you need from a reliable and cost effect source.

Custom Synthesis

Whilst the global source base for chemicals is vast, there are still cases where it is hard to find solutions to problems: maybe you require multi-kilos of a material only made in research quantities, or perhaps your application needs a carefully controlled impurity profile not routinely available.

Gee Lawson has close relationships with manufacturers who can provide custom solutions in general organic synthesis as well as specialist areas such as carbohydrates and nucleosides, and antibiotics. We can also provide more routine customisation such as solutions or bespoke packaging.

Confidentiality is something we take very seriously, and we operate under many three-way CDA agreements with customers and suppliers. These provide transparency in technical discussions whilst ensuring that the commercial and logistics requirements are still driven by our own high standards of customer care.

Global Sourcing

With over 80 years global sourcing expertise, and drawing on several special relationships with reliable manufacturers, we have a wealth of chemical capability at our fingertips.

We ensure we maintain high quality standards by working only with reputable sources and paying careful attention to our customer’s requirements.

Gee Lawson is an ISO approved chemical distributor and many of our partners carry either ISO or GMP accreditation.

Our logistics department carefully controls our distribution operation, making use of our modern SAP IT system to give excellent order and product traceability.

We always look for cost effective solutions to our customer delivery needs, and are happy to work with your own logistics systems to ensure the smooth flow of materials into your hands.